Red Hill Candle Co. Candle


Purposefully tasteful and with a stylish look this reinforced white jar houses delightful scents. Once lit, the white glass allows for the gentle glow and flicker of the flame to create a gorgeous ambience and natural warmth to any space. Whether you are looking to lift the energy of a lounge room, enhance the mood in the bedroom or to create a sense of peace in the office, these natural soy candles are a perfect balance.

With burn time of up to 48 hours and a strong fragrance throw they can make either a lovely gift or a nice way to spoil yourself.We only use 100% pure cotton braided wicks, selected especially for their optimal use with our natural soy wax. Being lead and nickel free means that you can burn your candle with reassurance knowing that the wick won’t smoke and that harmful materials won’t disturb your space. Our natural soy wax is Kosher and free from paraffin wax making it safe for all the family.It’s strongly recommended to use a candle wick trimmer between burns, keeping the exposed wick to a length of 1/4 inch. This will help you achieve an even burn and discourage the wick from curling and splitting, ultimately extending the life of your candle.

All of our products are hand poured on the Mornington Peninsula.